General Information

TEMNOZOR was born in 1996 Anno Jew in small Russian provincial town, named Obninsk. There were three slavonic heathen souls: Tuur (vocals & poetry), Leshiy (drums) and Wuulko (guitars and keys), who formed this band as a tool to express their love and pride towards Russian Nationality and True Ancient Gods of Our Land. TEMNOZOR will also be a deadly Blade, one more Sword (one of Thousand Swords) in Our Battle against hated christianity. These words aren't an empty sounds. All members of the band understand the word "true" as truth and sencerity before their Faith, before the declaration of War, before the words they speak and, first of all, before themselves. TEMNOZOR supports all kinds of anti-xtian terrorism and church burinings. Being mainly inspired by Slavonic Folk Music and the most truthsome Polish Black Metal act GRAVELAND, TEMNOZOR plays a mixture between Pagan Metal (in vain of ENSLAVED's "Hordanes Land" with a touch of GRAVELAND in it) and ballad-like Folk with a flute and acoustic guitars. Both clean vocals (reminding the ones in EINHERJER's "Ballad of the Swords" a bit) and "blackmetal-like" screaming voices are used to express Pride and sorrowfull Hatred. All lyrics are in Russian and are totaly dedicated to Old Russian Gods and War against judeo-christianity.

The band is in contact with some Russian True Black (and Pagan) Metal Hordes and is signed to Black Metal Brotherhood Records, which is going to release TEMNOZOR debut album in early September '98 on CD. Also, TEMNOZOR is in state of war against all jews, poseurs and "church of satan"'s scum (e.g. satarial, nocturnal mortum, mor (moscow), tron'), who pretend to call themself "Russian Black Metal", "paganists", "satanists" and "occultists" being in fact nothing, but a stupid headbanging metaloids, (fag)gothic trends, pathetic clownish demagogues or posing moneymakers (most of them didn't even know what is real Paganism or Satanism/Occultism is about).